The Blank Page was created by two best friends, Misha & Tazeen, who were keen to change the pricing system set by the online sellers. 3 years ago we were finding online kawaii stationery available in Pakistan and were blown off by the prices given to us. This is where we decided to enter the market and our journey started!

The starting was not so easy as our pocket money could not help us with the capital needed. Hence we decided to borrow the money from one of our fathers which we promised to return in a year and to our surprise, we

returned within 4-5 months!!

Still remember the feelings we had when starting this journey; nervous, excited, scared but when it all started happening, it was in such an amazing flow. I guess the support around you really helps!

Within 4 months of our business, we created one more stationery page named ‘The Pieces’ which has the theme of subscription boxes. To create and run The Pieces was a very tough decision as we were doubtful about its success. But as we were keen to learn, we were ready to take the risk and went for it. Designed and made boxes for it which again was a challenge as the boxes were to

be made in Pakistan and couldn’t be imported. We ourselves found the best dealer and dealt with him. With all the hard-work, The Pieces went beyond our expectations in success and now we sell more than 100 boxes every alternative month.

This journey might sound very easy but it is not. It changed us from girls to women. It taught us so many lessons of life within a year. It made us more creative and productive, everyday one of us have a new idea to put in our business. We are out there to bring innovation as much as possible! Have worked day and night, starting from nothing to having 37 thousand followers on our Instagram page within two years and thriving harder to reach more. We have also planned to reach our customers by making our products available in famous shops in Pakistan and planned to have our own shop one day! In Sha Allah